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Socialize was created in 2012 as a social enterprise by the Tel Aviv based entrepreneur Keren Litani, who sought to address the need and growing demand to develop the entrepreneurial community in Israel. Initially the community enjoyed the warm hospitality of Papaito, an exciting, upscale music ‘laboratory’ and pub that sits literally in the center of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa cultural scene. The venue provided a stage for a variety of technological entrepreneurs and developers who sought to present their technology solutions and products, in spite and maybe because of the fact that they lacked the budget to head out into the world where they could generate sponsorships and participate in industry conferences.

Thanks to these monthly sessions, the community grew and consolidated. The community’s proximity to a variety of musicians led to the development of gatherings that combined technological lectures with musical interludes, thus leading to the birth of the content-performance format. Today, Socialize Salon is developing a format of approximately 10 content-performance gatherings per year in cooperation with Israel’s very best actors and musicians.

Throughout its existence, the Socialize community has developed a learning culture as a way of life, initiated, produced and funded dozens of conferences, gatherings, workshops, hack-a-thons, parties and special events to provide freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-up developers a toolbox that they can use to succeed in the business world.