Keren Litani

Founder & President

Keren is a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder and president of Socialize Summit, where top experts across industries gather to share knowledge and insight about business and technology challenges relating to the emerging social layer of business.

Keren keeps herself busy by running multiple events throughout the year, including the prestigious Socialize conferences, as well as the ‘Socialize Salon’ hangout – Socialize! Social Business Israel, which has been the main forum for many local tech entrepreneurs and world leaders, thanks to Keren’s connections and influence.

In 2012, Keren started Socialize consultancy firm. The firm specializes in various aspects of business consulting by implementing state-of-the-art technology and digital solutions. It assists and accompanies businesses in their voyage into the world of Social Business Solutions.

Following the massive success of Socialize, Keren has taken on a unique leadership role serving as mentor, organizer, investor, blogger and spokesperson for the entire ‘Social Business’ and ‘Tech for Impact’ industry in Israel.

Keren earned her BA in Communications and Management from the Israeli College of Management. Prior to being an entrepreneur, for over a decade, Keren has achieved some remarkable goals as an executive corporate citizen. She excels not only in sales and marketing channel management, but also in marketing and business development in high-profile global corporations such as Oracle, HP and McAfee both in Israel and the Mediterranean region.

Keren Litani was born in Israel and was raised in the suburbs of Tel Aviv, where she learned all about motivation. Being part of StartUpNation and armed with a DNA of a shaker and mover, she will help you gain the tools for success in the real business world.